July 6, 2020
New England Insurance Group

About Us

A Message from the CEO and President

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Have you been to a company where people greet you with a smile, then make you feel welcome and appreciated? You notice employees that love what they do and work well together. They genuinely care about you and helping to meet your needs. You ask yourself, “Is this just a special day?”; but your experience is the same every time you call or visit.

Expect this comfortable experience at the Lukatsky Insurance Group, whether you visit in person or call one of our team members. You’ll see, that service with a smile still exists. Our goal is managing your personal or commercial insurance needs, offering solutions and guiding you to make your best choices.

We’ll provide you with fair prices and highest quality products from America’s leading insurance companies. You will experience world class service from our organization. We cherish and value the relationship we build with you. This remains our policy for over 10 years.

We make it Easy to Find the Right Insurance!

Lukatsky is distinguished from other firms by our exclusive and proprietary programs. We focus on your long-term risk management by proactively reducing the total cost of risk. Our leading edge solutions are the result of our proprietary Lukatsky Risk Reduction Approach.
Our divisions boast a wide range of consulting services, exclusive techniques, and innovative products. Lukatsky experts develop customized total risk management programs that are unique to your needs. Programs are renewed and maintained through a continual review and reporting process conducted throughout the year. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best insurance coverage available in the marketplace.

  • Best of both worlds – we combine the knowledge and experience of a national broker with the autonomy, creativity and flexibility of an independent firm.
  • Full-time risk manager – to deliver services and expertise above and beyond those traditionally provided by the brokerage community.
  • Clients’ needs come first – clients are whom we serve and we have to continually win their business! Client management is taken from bureaucratic mediocrity to “customized excellence.”
  • Raving fans – our clients are our biggest supporters. Over 80% of our new business is a direct result of introductions from our current clients.
  • A continuum of expertise – providing real value in all the evolutionary phases of a company’s growth and development from start-up to fully integrated, mature industry leader.
  • Our independence – enables us to partner with the most highly-qualified individuals and firms in specific practice areas, thereby delivering superior programs to our clients.


The Lukatsky Difference

Lukatsky Insurance Group is not your typical agency.
Most firms just focus on finding you the least expensive premiums. While we realize cost is always a factor, what we provide goes far beyond simply saving you some money in the short-term.
At Lukatsky, we take a very proactive approach to help you develop a long-term plan to reduce your total cost of risk, which, in turn, will significantly lower your premium costs over an extended period of time.
Using our exclusive Risk Reduction Approach, we analyze your current risk control measures, including areas you may not have considered such as employee wellness, safety and benefits; company property and facilities; business disruption and disaster recovery—even your personal assets.
Based on this information, we will help you establish and execute a clear corporate risk management strategy tailored to your specific needs. And we’ll meet with you regularly to determine if your needs have changed and update your services accordingly.
Our comprehensive risk reduction solutions will enable you to:

  • Prevent unnecessary risks
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Lower your administrative costs
  • Decrease your insurance costs over time
  • Increase your profitability
  • Transfer risk from your company
  • Improve employee wellness, safety and retention
  • Make your company a better place to work


Our Protection Promise

The Lukatsky Insurance Group provides a team of people to help our clients with a wide range of specialized services. Every client is assigned a Client Advocate to quarterback and champion our client’s specific business needs across our portfolio of different services. Each service area, whether it’s business insurance, workers’ compensation management, disaster recovery, safety, or personal insurance, has its own practice leader who also works directly with clients on those specific issues.


The Lukatsky Risk Reduction Approach

At Lukatsky, we do things a little different than the typical insurance agency.
We know it’s not just about buying the cheapest insurance policy. It’s about developing a clear, effective long-term plan to control risks and prevent losses that can affect your company’s bottom line. And then implementing that plan with a clearly-defined timeline and regular reviews to ensure that strategies are implemented properly and goals are met consistently—now and in the future.
It all begins with our innovative, proprietary Risk Reduction Approach to determine your current risk factors and develop a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. This proactive, preventive approach to risk reduction is comprised of four stages:

1. Discovery
Conduct “fact-finding” sessions with your CEO, CFO, HR Director and other key personnel to determine what you are currently doing to manage risks in your business.
Identify your company’s key “high risk” exposures across several critical business areas.
(such as supply chain vulnerability, reputational risk, excessive risk assumption from customer contracts, and exposure to natural disaster)
2. Analysis & Plan Design
Use our proprietary risk assessment tools to develop a comprehensive risk profile that rates your current risk management strategies in critical business factors.
Conduct a Coverage Audit and a Historical Claims Review.
Develop a Risk Management Plan tailored to address your company’s enterprise risk profile.
3. Implementation
Develop a calendar to rollout the Risk Management Plan, with itemized start dates for each service.
Transfer risk to the insurance companies.
Appoint a team of experienced specialists to coordinate all aspects of your account
(risk management, claims processing, renewals, account management, etc.)
4. Continuation
Conduct Annual Account Reviews to determine past year’s performance.
Identify areas where business operations may have changed
(such as the number of employees, product line additions or reductions, new sourcing arrangements, and new capital infusion and investment)
Renew and/or revise current insurance and risk management strategies, as needed.