July 6, 2020
New England Insurance Group

Safety & Compliance

Employers are mandated to present a safe and secure company setting for employees. It is in an employer’s best interest to try and do this for several reasons:

  • It will ease the chance of lawsuits and may even drop your insurance premiums.
  • A safer commercial environment can be described as happier workplace.
  • On the job incidents as well as absences may disturb your productiveness.

Place of work safety starts with having safe methods of labor. New England Insurance Group will explore the tasks your employees are required to execute and propose a safer routine everyplace that they consider it is necessary.

There is a huge variety of incidents that may transpire inside the place of work, from understandable physical accidents including cut off body parts, to back incidents, repetitious strain incidents attributable to everyday use of a specific part of the body, car accidents, and accidents or ill health brought on by exposure to lethal chemical compounds. Even violence amid employees within the workplace can result in a workers’ compensation claim.

Then you will find psychological injuries to be concerned about. It’s now widely acknowledged that harrying & harassment within your workplace may cause psychological damage to the victim. As such it may be considered a place of work injury. It often is hard for an employer to detect & put a stop to such activities within the workplace however, having a work related strategy in opposition to maltreatment & harassment, and making it obvious to workers that it’s intolerable behavior can make a difference. So will developing a procedure where a worker can comfortably give an account to any such incident in confidence.

New England Insurance Group is committed to exceeding the safety training requirements of your corporation. We attempt to control any loss related to health, security and the natural environment. We realize how the training and services we provide may save lives & we’re devoted to providing conductive educational atmospheres, proficient trainers plus hands-on training tools.